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Minato Unesco Association

Visits to Minato City Mayor and Education Board Superintendent

Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Venue: Minato City Office

 As a way to report on MUA’s latest reshuffle in officers, former president Nagano, new president Tanabe, along with Vice Presidents Morimura, Imamura and Mineo, and Secretary General Shimpuku, visited the Minato City Office on May 31.  Taking this opportunity, they expressed deep appreciation to the city’s Board of Education for its continued support to MUA.  It was a good opportunity to engage in opinion exchanges concerning UNESCO activities underway in Minato City.

 The discussions touched upon the pending application by Japan to enlist the three sets of precious archival Buddhist scriptures, stored in the Jodo-shu Zojoji Temple, located in Minato City, in the Memory of the World category of UNESCO.  The final decision of the application is expected to be made by the UNESCO steering committee in 2023.  Possible ways to further invigorate UNESCO activities in Minato City were also discussed.

(Written by Shimpuku, Secretary General, and translated by TANAHASHI S., the PR & Internet Committee)