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Minato Unesco Association

International Science and Culture Committee

This committee plans and manages various events for promoting cross-cultural understanding. The developments in the world is reported daily on TV, newspapers and other media, and is distributed on the Internet at all times. Still, it is of great value to hear opinions and comments live and directly from a professional’s point of view from our invited lecturers.  Our lecture series is held 3 to 4 times a year, organized by a 10-member speakers bureau.

Cross-cultural Awareness Lectures

Cross-cultural awareness lectures are held timely on topical themes where speakers provide easy-to-understand explanations from a professional viewpoint. We hope this program will help motivate the general public in the local community to take interest in the subjects. Typically, the lecture lasts 2 hours, including Q & A. In fiscal 2019, the lecture subjects included “Enjoy the beauty of Jomon” and “Classical music nurtured by the Romanian climate”.


The symposium is also planned on a timely topic that suits the latest society. Typically keynote speeches are made, followed by discussions among different panelists including experts and students. In fiscal 2019, the first of the “Let’s think about Peace” series was held under the theme of “What we can do about climate change – learning and action for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).” In 2020, young foreign researchers will also participate as panelists in the 2nd of the “Let’s think about Peace” series.”

The UNESCO World Terakoya Movement

We undertake public relations and fund-raising activities for the UNESCO Terakoya Movement, with an objective to emphasize the importance of providing educational opportunities for all people in the world.

■ “Enjoy the beauty of Jomon”
SHINAGAWA Yoshiya, Director of Archeology, Tokyo National Museum

■ “Classical music nurtured by the Romanian climate”
SHIMADA Kazuko, President of the Romanian Music Society of Japan

■ “What you can do about climate change – learning and action for the SDGs”
(Keynote speech) NAGATA Yoshiyuki, Professor, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo