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Minato Unesco Association

Zazen Workshop Committee

The venue for our “Zazen no Kai” is a venerable old temple in Atago, Minato-ku. It is one of the three Edo-era temples of the Soto sect. It was built by OTA Dokan and is called Seishoji Temple. At every workshop, Seishoji people provide zazen instructions and give everyone a precious opportunity to become familiar with zazen.

Although Seishoji is surrounded by skyscrapers in the center of Tokyo, it boasts an old-fashioned and impressive appearance. You will feel an extraordinary atmosphere in its precincts. Please experience “zazen” in that quiet space, and spend a moment facing your body and mind again. From this year, we are offering this event as a formal Minato UNESCO’s “Zazen Workshop Committee” program.  This program will provide an opportunity which enables you to diagnose and heal your mind, and which is a rare chance to obtain in busy and stressful days.

Schedule: We plan to hold the workshop once or twice a year.
(We will announce the date as soon as it is decided.)
No. of applicants: Approx. 40 (this year we accept only about 15 due to the coronavirus)

Anyone is welcome, including foreigners, as long as they live, work, or attend school in Minato City. Why don’t you refresh your mind and body in the “Zazen Workshop” of the Minato UNESCO Association?  We are looking forward to your participation.