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Minato Unesco Association

Public Relations and Internet Committee

The Public Relations & Internet Committee edits and publishes quarterly newsletters (Japanese and English) and operates the website.  The Minato UNESCO Association (MUA) has a number of committees conducting numerous programs throughout the year.  The newsletter aims to share information about those programs among MUA members and with related external organizations, and to keep a record of the association.  The articles in each newsletter vividly report different activities of MUA members and their live voices.  Japanese and English newsletters are issued four times each year and sent to MUA members and related organizations (English newsletters are electronically delivered to foreign embassies, etc.).  The typical composition of the newsletter begins with the foreword by the chairman, followed by business reports, and announcements from the secretariat.  The records accumulated in the continuous publication of newsletters are important data to convey the history of MUA.  In every issue, we try to make the paper concise and easy to read.  Anyone can participate in editing the newsletter if you have basic computer skills. We are looking for new members to join us!  The operation and updating of the MUA website are also an important task of this committee.  The newsletters, both Japanese and English, will be posted on our website as soon as they are published.  Through the website, we are making every effort to let more people become aware of MUA, its achievements and schedules, and to motivate them to consider joining the events and seeking MUA membership.