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Minato Unesco Association

Membership Committee

The Member Development Committee plans and holds events with the goal of expanding the network of like-minded friends while promoting interaction and friendship among members.

Major activities include the following:

MUA Salon
We hold a salon inviting one of the members as the speaker. It is a small group meeting where participants can share the experiences the speakers have had in their personal life, special skills, hobbies, etc.

Visit to foreign embassies
Our association, which boasts international exchange as a pillar of its activities, holds an annual visit to one of the Tokyo-based foreign embassies by its members. We can meet the embassy staff and hear their presentation on the traditions, cultures and arts of the host foreign countries more directly than we usually see and hear in the media.

Welcome receptions for new members
At the beginning of the year, we invite a group of new members for an orientation and welcome reception.  Each committee’s leaders explain their respective activities. After this, all attendees join an opportunity for social networking.

MUA members’ New Year party
In addition, we regularly hold an annual new year party in January. It provides a good opportunity to promote friendship and kick off a new year.

Our membership is made up of people at all ages and people of diverse nationalities. If you are interested in “UNESCO activities,” please feel free to contact us. You are always welcome.

Record of major activities:

DateName of Embassy
January 23, 2020MUA New Year party
Invited speaker – Reverend KAMADA Mukan on “The World of Zen”
December 17, 2019MUA Salon (Speaker: Shunsuke Morimura)
His speech was made to commemorate his latest book “Continued Visits to 100 Countries”
July 10, 2019Visit to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
June 14, 2019Reception for new members Orientation and get-together
January 24, 2019New Year members’ party
Invited speaker: Noh performer Miki Miyauchi sang “Takasago” for us.
May 17, 2018MUA Salon (Speaker: Hiroshi Matsumoto)

Visits to foreign embassies

July 16, 2019Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
June 28, 2018Romanian Embassy
March 8, 2018Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
December 20, 2017Italian Embassy
February 14, 2017Embassy of the Republic of Austria
November 11, 2015Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
February 20, 2015Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

MUA Salon

December 17, 2019Shunsuke Morimura spoke about his latest book “Continued Visits to 100 Countries”
May 17, 2018Hiroshi Matsumoto spoke about “Public Mind, Produce Mind and Play Mind – three” P “minds”
December 1, 2017Yoshiko Nagato spoke on the possibility of new global citizen activities -challenge to housewife group
November 8, 2016Mamoru Tomogane spoke on “From the days of my entrance to a national school to today’s participation
in MUA activities”
July 14, 2015Mr. Koichiro Tanabe spoke on “At the end of the war, I narrowly escaped the atomic bomb”
and on his recollection of a university life in the United States