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Minato Unesco Association

Membership Guidance

How to join MUA

1. Qualification to be a member

Anyone can join MUA as long as the person lives, works, or attends school in Minato City and agrees to the objective of MUA.  People elsewhere can also apply to join MUA.

2. How to submit a membership application form

If you wish to join MUA either as an individual or a group, please submit an application form by clicking the button shown below. Upon receipt of your application, the Minato UNESCO Association will contact you. Once your identity and the payment of the membership fee were confirmed, we will register you as a member.

3. Membership fee (by different category)

Individual member5,000 yen (1 unit or more)
Family member3,000 yen
Youth member (under 31 years old)2,000 yen (1 unit or more)
Corporate member20,000 yen (1 unit or more)
Cooperating group member
(Cultural groups, social education groups, etc.)
5,000 yen (1 unit or more)
Supporter member10,000 yen
Student memberfree
Foreign memberfree

4. How to pay the membership fee

Please pay the membership fee by any of the following.

  1. Postal transfer payment
    Account number: 00180-8-180055
    Account holder name: Minato UNESCO Association
    For cooking class and other participation fees, use Account No. 00130-0-157457.
  2. Bank transfer payment
    Bank name: Mizuho Bank (Shiba Branch)
    Account number: “Futsuu” (Normal) 0921421
    Account holder name: Minato UNESCO Association
    If you want to use Internet banking, please click here.
  3. Payment directly at MUA’s secretariat office
    3-16-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, 105-0004
    Telephone: 03-3434-2300 Telephone & FAX: 03-3434-2233
    Business Hours: 10 am – 5pm, Tuesday – Friday (excluding national holidays)
    >>Click here for inquiries