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Minato Unesco Association

World Cooking Committee

This committee provides an opportunity to promote international mutual understanding through experiencing the food culture of various countries in the world. We hold cooking classes, two to three times each year, under the banner of “Introduction to the World Food Culture.” Typically, the instructor introduces his/her home country and then demonstrates how to cook traditional home dishes. Participants will practice and taste the cooked dishes at the end of the workshop.

To date we have introduced a wide variety of home or seasonal dishes from different countries, including Georgia, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Colombia, Mongolia, and Italy. We are looking forward to new discoveries of food culture, through presentations by instructors and through learning cooking methods and ingredients that are unfamiliar for us Japanese. Through food culture, you can learn many things such as the way of life, traditions, and history of different people around the world.

We welcome anyone who loves cooking or who wants to know about various countries through food culture.