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Japanese Language Study Class

The Minato UNESCO Association holds a Japanese language study class, addressing foreigner residents in Tokyo area, every Saturday from 10 o’clock.

Classes accept a small number of participants and focus on conversation.
Participants also learn grammar, using textbooks, to improve their speaking ability.
About 60% of lessons are for text learning and 40% for practical expressions.
The fee is a whopping 900 yen per session (for members).

Typical daily expressions:

“Osusume no misewa?” (Which store do you recommend?)
“Naniga otoku?” (Which item is the best deal?)
“Mecha umai!” (It’s so delicious!)
“Nanini hamatteru?” (What are you addicted to?)
“Tapiru” (Have a tapioca drink)
“Guguru” (Check it out on Google)

The instructor will teach words that are frequently used in daily life while also explaining about Japanese customs that are not easy for foreigners to understand. Don’t miss the good opportunity in this class to exchange of information when living in Tokyo!

Date and time: Every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 am

Venue: Minato UNESCO Association’s secretariat office inside the Minato City Lifelong Learning Center (3rd floor)

Entry fee: 10,000 yen for 10 lessons (9,000 yen for MUA members)

Capacity: 12 people

Questions? Email us at : masterjapanesetokyo@gmail.com
Click here for applications.

MUA Secretariat Office
TEL: 03-3434-2300, FAX: 03-3434-2233
(Tuesday-Friday / 10:00-17:00)