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Minato Unesco Association

Reception for MUA New Members -Orientation on our activities and convivial gathering gathering-

Date: June 14, 2019 18:15
Place: Minato City Life
Life-Long Learning Center

Eleven new members participated in the reception this year, and the gathering was a blast through its end.
Mr. Hiroshi Nagano, President of MUA, and Mr. Kensuke Kikuchi, Vice President, gave welcoming remarks. Mr. Hisashi Tsuno, newly appointed as Secret ary General, was introduced to everyone. Then, Ms. Masayo Akiyama, Standing Director, introduced each new member.

Next, representatives from MUA committees gave brief presentations on the outline of their respective activities with a hope that many new m embers join the committees and participate in the planning and operating activities.

One of the most notable activities of this year is that Youth Committee was reestablished under the leadership of Mr. Shigekatsu Mineo, Director. With a great effort extended by Mr. H.Nagano as well as Ms. M.Akiyama, it was restarted in the form of coll aboration with UNESCO Club of Keio University, represented by Miss Mako Tsutsui and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), led by Mr. Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Professor of TUMSAT.

In addition to the above mentioned introduction to the new activity, the orientation was proceeded on to other plans for this year as shown below:
We currently have a plan to present a symposium every year with a main theme of “thinking of peace” with Ms. Aya Yokoi, United Nations University – Institute for the Adva nced Study of Sustainability as a central figure. Japanese Speech Contest is planned to be held three times. Zazen Trial Class, Hands-on Cultural Workshop on The Japanese Folk Song & Folklore, Dialog with the UNESCO committee students of Tokyo Metropolit an Mita Senior High School will continue to be presented. We also will continue our efforts to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Tokyo UNESCO Liaison Council and National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.

Then, the convivial gathering was held in MUA’s secretariat office. We all enjoyed a very cheerful and friendly atmosphere and the gathering was closed in a hope to have a fruitful year.