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How to speak with more fun・・・Hints for better communications!

Let’s see the world! Minato UNESCO Salon for SDGs
How to speak with more fun・・・Hints for better communications!
Lecturer: YAMAMOTO Mitsuyuki

Date & Time: Friday, 7 July, 2023 6:00PM ~
Venue: Minato City Life-long Learning Center, Room 305

While the daily conversation has become less frequent under the Corona disaster. On the other hand, many of you may have increased conversations among the family members. The key in any situation is “better communication.”  In order to enjoy your life both publicly and privately and to live your life happily while being appreciated by others, we asked Mr. YAMAMOTO, Mitsuyuki who has a wealth of teaching experience on “better communication skills=know-hows”. During the lecture, we did actual chatting in pairs, and the experience was a lot of fun.

Profile of Mr. YAMAMOTO Mitsuyuki:

President and CEO of a company of the major food manufacturer group. Gained overseas experience in importing and selling food ingredients and exporting products. Became Director of Sales Planning Department in a joint venture company with the U.K. He has also experienced such as new business development, sales manager, human resource development and others. He has acquired numerous certifications related to human resource development in Japan and abroad, including the GCDF Career Consultant (National Certification).

Today’s lecture was opened with seating arrangement in which the lecturer was surrounded by a semicircle, allowing all participants to interact with each other. The session started with self-introduction to the person sitting next, which immediately set the mood for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

1.Imagine the 100-Year Life Expectancy from Sazae san, the Famous Comic Book in Japan
Can you guess how old Namihei, grandfather, is?  He assumed to be 54 years old. About 70 years ago, the retirement age was 55 years old, and the average life expectancy was 60. Although working life is getting longer, our life after retirement getting longer and longer. The relationships with other people can be made better or worse with just one small communication, so always be aware of remembering names and giving praise in the conversation. Better communication is getting much more important in our daily life.

2.For Better Communication
 It is said that after a man reaches the age of 45, his face becomes grumpy under even normal situations. Let’s make a conscious effort to smile. Smiles and greetings are the first step for the communication. Then, listen attentively. A good listener is better than a good talker. Communication is a catch-ball, so always be aware of remembering names and giving praise.

3. Five Levels of Listening
   1) Ignoring
   2) Pretending that you are listening
   3) Listening selectively
   4) Listening attentively
   5) Listening with empathy

We did a pair-work, playing a part of above each level with a practical dialogue, so we could understand and agree with each other’s viewpoints. In communication, how to form a mental bridge (RAPPORT) is important. Listening is literally listening with the whole body=ears, eyes, and heart.

4.The Basics of Pacing
It is to listen and speak at the same volume and pace as the other person. Eye contact, modulation, etc begin with consideration for the other person.

5. For Building Better Relationship with Others Prepare topics such as name, residence, family, work, travel, hobbies and interests. Firstly, you should disclose yourself removing barriers in yourself by sending out information from yourself (Self Disclosure). But don’t hijack the topic.

6. Mehrabian’s Law
It says that three aspects are important, There are: (WORD)=what you say, (VOICE)=how you speak, and body language. Your body language will have more impact on the other person.

7. MIHOKO’s Recommendation
(MItomeru=acknowledge) (HOmeru=praise) =(KOteisuru=Affirmation)
We should be careful not to act the opposite of this MIHOKO’s Recommendations.

Summary : The Six Principles for Better Communication
  A.To have a sincere interest
  B.To remember to smile
  C.To bring names into the conversation
  D.To take the listener side
  E.To discover where listeners have interests
  F.To praise from the bottom of your heart

We all know the above. But are we able to do it? Let’s cherish communication and live richly in the age of 100 years of life!

The participants enjoyed listening the lecture, and gained tips for better communication to build pleasant relationships The salon was fun and meaningful!

“Let’s See the World! Minato UNESCO Salon for SDCs” The 6th in the Series. Mr. TANABE Kiichiro, President of Minato UNESCO Association, introduced Mr. YAMAMOTO Mitsuyuki, lecturer. Then, Mr. ISHII Yoshiaki, Standing Director, served as moderator and also sent out a donation information for the 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake.

(Written by KOBAYASHI Takayuki, Vice President, the Membership Committee, and translated by NAKAZAWA M, the PR & Internet Committee)