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Hands-on Workshop of “Yukata Kitsuke”

“Yukata Kitsuke”

Instructor: Ms. TAKAHASHI Yuko, Principal of Ginza School,The Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin
Yukata cleaning cooperated by Nagakura Cleaning (Kohoku-ku, Yokohama)

Date: Sunday, June 24th, 2023
Venue: Minato City Life -long Learning Center     Room203

Workshop contents:
1. Briefing on Kimono, as Japanese traditional outfit
2. Briefing on Yukata
3. Instructor ‘s demonstration of how to wear the Yukata
4. Yukata Kitsuke (dressing) exercise (2 times)
5. Exercise in bowing (seated & standing) and walking in Yukata
6. Exercise in folding Yukata

We had 16 people, and 9 are from other countries, i.e., Australia, France, Malaysia. Some are from embassies and EU representative offices. Takahashi-sensei and her assistant taught us tips on how to tie an obi(belt) in an easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, Sensei showed us how to walk elegantly in Yukata, and taught us how to walk without stepping on the hem, how to bow, and how to fold a Yukata at the end. Not only the participants, but all the staff also had wonderful time to learn about Yukata at the workshop.

 A male participant from France gave a comment, “I didn’t expect wearing a kimono to be so complicated.” A lady from Australia told us “I’ve bought a yukata cloth and am going to sew Yukata by myself. I will wear it as I learned today, to go to the summer festival hosted by the embassy” with a big smile.  We are very happy to see all the participants are njoying the workshop.

(Written by TAGAWA J, Standing Director, translated by KODAMA T, the PR & Internet Committee)