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Minato Unesco Association

Hands-on Workshop of “Yukata Kitsuke”

Instructor: Ms. TAKAHASHI Yuko, Principal of Ginza School, The Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin

Date: Sunday, June 4th, 2022
Venue: Minato City Life -long Learning Center

Workshop contents:

1.Briefing on the history of Yukata
2.Instructor‘s demonstration
3.Yukata Kitsuke (dressing) exercise (2 times)
4.Exercise in bowing (seated & standing) and walking in Yukata Exercise in folding Yukata
5.Exercise in folding Yukata

Comment from MUA staff:

・It was wonderful to see all attendees lined up wearing colorful Yukata.  As a Japanese, I am very proud of Yukata.
・Having 15 (6 are non-Japanese) people, we had very good time at the workshop. 
 Special thanks to Ms. Takahashi and her assistants for the detailed kind guidance on how to tie the belt, OBI,
 which is a very complicated part of wearing Yukata.  All attendees felt close to traditional Japanese culture.

・We feel excited just to think of the attendees wearing Yukata, later on.  Please keep in mind how to sit and walk elegantly in Yukata.  
 We hope you will have a good time with your special ones!
・Last but not least, we’d like to extend our hearty thanks to the Adachi factory of ARUTO Company for their laundry service.

(Written by TAGAWA J, Standing Director, the Hands-on Cultural Workshop Committee, and translated by KODAMA K, the PR & Internet Committee)