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Minato Unesco Association

Hands-on Workshop of “Yukata Kitsuke”

Instructor: Ms. TAKAHASHI Yuko, Principal of Ginza School the Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin

Speaker: Ms. TOMONO Satoko, World Heritage Academy Certified Instructor

 Date: Sunday, June 27, 2021

Venue: Minato City Life-long Learning Center,

Workshop contents:
1.Briefing on Yukata’s history
2.Instructor’s demonstration
3.Yukata Kitsuke (dressing) exercise (2 times)
4.Exercise in bowing (seated & standing) and walking gracefully
5.Exercise in folding Yukata

Comments from the attendees:
・I want to wear Yukata, despite the pandemic.
・It was not easy but I enjoyed the workshop.
・I’m thankful for MUA’s efforts to hold this event.
・I appreciated the instructor’s elaborate teaching.
・I seldom wear Yukata at age 85.  Still, this workshop motivated me to wear it.
・I could evolve from self-taught Kitsuke into authentic procedures.
・I will improve my skill to enable self-dressing, drawing on acquired knacks.

Comment from MUA staff:
Last year we were forced to cancel this series due to the pandemic.  After careful consideration, we decided to hold this event this year.  We took all possible precautions against the pandemic risk.  We were happy to welcome an 85-year-old lady as well as five foreigners among the attendees.  Everything proceeded smoothly.  This workshop featured new exercises in how to bow, when seated or standing, and how to walk gracefully as the attendees were dressed in Yukata.  All attendees highly appreciated the hospitable attitude Principal Takahashi and her assistants expressed throughout the event.

(Written by HIRAKATA Kazuyo, Vice President, the Hands-on Cultural Workshop Committee, and translated by TANAHSHI Seiichi, the PR & Internet Committee)