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Minato Unesco Association

Craft and Fly Kites

Hands-on Cultural Workshop Committee Program
Craft and Fly Kites

Date    :Saturday December the 3rd,2022
Venue: Aoyama Public Elementary School
Instructor: FUKUOKA Masami
     Executive Director, Kite Museum
Participation Fee:500 yen
The number of participants:42 people

     ①History of Kite
     ②Demonstration by the instructor
     ③Drow pictures on Japanese paper
     ④Glue the Japanese paper on the bamboo flame
     ⑤Fly our own kites

The 42 people participated in the Kite program.  We made our own Ei-kites to fly by ourselves. It was heart-warm time for us to see the parents and children working together.  Mr. Fukuoka explained, “people write their boy’s name on the surface of kites to wish the boy could grow big to the sky” Then, some people wrote their son’s name on the kites. We enjoyed flying our kites, under the blue sky on the beautiful artificial green grass on the ground. Mr. Fukuoka teaches flying kite in many places in Japan, furthermore, he joins flying contests all over the world. 

Taking opportunities, we would like to show our appreciation to Mr. Fukuoka.

(Written by HIRAKATA Kazuyo, Director, and translated by KODAMA Tomoko, the PR & Internet Committee)