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Minato Unesco Association

2019 MUA Zazen Workshop

Date: Thursday, February 27, 2020
Venue: Seishoji Temple, Minato City

Participants first changed the clothes and gathered in the main hall where Reverend Mukan gave some general explanations on how to press hands in prayer and how to take a breath and, then, gave an instruction to sit Zazen in a relaxed posture without any strain.
He gave such explanations and instructions not only in Japanese but also in English for the benefit of non-Japanese participants.
Then, we all moved to the Zen meditation hall walking barefooted on the ice-cold corridor on a very cold day in February and freezing sensation crawled up from the bottom of the body which was unforgettable experience.
As soon as the instructions on the manner for sitting and crossing legs were given, participants started the meditation in their own places under the solemn atmosphere. The end of meditation was announced in tens of minutes and all of us walked up to a warm room on the second floor where Reverend Mukan preached a sermon.

With the wide spread of Corona Virus, we feel uncomfortable these days. Thus, we need to spend a quiet time and reflect upon ourselves. Seishoji Temple offers Sutra Copying gathering and various lecture meetings. We strongly recommend that you participate in some of them.
Taking this opportunity, we at MUA would like to express the sincerest appreciation for Reverend Mukan and all the staffs from Seishoji Temple for their great cooperation extended to us.
(Written by Y. Miyashita, Vice President, the International Science & Culture Committee, and translated by Y. Suda, the PR & Internet Committee Associate)