Science and Culture Committee

A Variety of Activities
Science and Culture Committee
Welcome to Science and Culture Committee.
This committee is working to do the following 3 big events every year.

1. Japanese-culture-introduction Workshop
2. MUA International Symposium
3. Diplomat Lecture

The Japanese-culture-introduction workshop is an event to introduce Japanese culture, mainly traditional performing arts, widely to non-Japanese as well as to Japanese interested in it. We have had opportunities to appreciate various plays like Kyogen, Noh, Kabuki, Bunraku, Rakugo, Shakuhachi and Tsugaru-jamisen until today. We usually invite an authority on respective play to be given a lecture on the program prior to actual performance, which facilitates better understanding of the performance and is therefore appreciated very much by the participants. Furthermore, it is a big advantage that we can enjoy the event with less expensive admission fee thanks to the auspices of Minato City Education Board.

MUA International Symposium is one of the biggest annual activities, where an appropriate and well-timed theme is set and first-class panelists are invited. The themes discussed in the past years are as follows.

・ World Heritage Not All Blessings, Tourism Destroys Environments: Japanese Traditions and Innovations may help resolve the Predicament
・ What can NGOs Select for International Education Support?
・ Peace and Conflict Resolution in Northeast Asia
・ How can We Improve our Communication Skills for Building a Viable International Society?

The Diplomat Lecture is an event of international exchange most suitable for MUA with emphasis on the education, science and culture. A well-known Japanese invited as a speaker talks in front of many diplomats from foreign countries staying in Tokyo and expresses his/her opinions on a subject.