Pubic Relations, Bulletin & Internet Committee

A Variety of Activities
Pubic Relations, Bulletin & Internet Committee
This committee is in charge of editing and issuing of our members magazine called “Bulletin,” and management of the MUA website.

“Bulletin” is issued four times a year both in Japanese and English, and distributed to MUA members and related organizations. Topped with an essay of the MUA President, the magazine covers all the activities and events which were planned and carried out by each committee of MUA. The articles are written by either committee members who were in charge of the activities or events, or MUA members who participated in them. In other words, “Bulletin” is an accumulation of voices of MUA members. Furthermore, “Bulletin” carries announcement of the future events and information from the Secretariat.

The MUA website tries to attract more people to get to know about the MUA with full colored pictures and images to involve them into our activities. The committee is working hard to carry lively voices of MUA members and to attract more people to enjoy MUA activities together.

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