World Cooking Workshop Committee

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World Cooking Workshop Committee

This committee arranges and offers opportunities for understanding different cultures in the world through food culture. The World Cooking Workshop is held 3 times a year. In this workshop, after enjoying a small talk of the instructor from various part of the world on his/her homeland, you will challenge cooking and taste foreign dishes, together with the friends of the day.

The recent challenges have been those originated in Sri Lanka, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, Turkey, Yunnan province in China and Sweden, all being full of originality of the countries and seasonality when the workshop was held.

Typical home dishes of many countries use rare stuff that we do not usually see in Japan. There are, therefore, repeaters who participate in the workshop to learn such stuff. In this workshop, we can delightfully learn life-style, religion, history, etc. of the world by means of food culture. Also, you can talk with foreign instructors face to face.

Do you love cooking? Aren’t you anxious to know more about this country and that, enjoying cooking? The committee is keeping the door open for you.