Cross-cultural Awareness Committee

A Variety of Activities
Cross-cultural Awareness Committee

This committee is planning and conducting MUA Cross-cultural Awareness Workshops for better understanding about and deepening our insight into global issues and different cultures. The workshop is held 3-4 times a year, usually for 2 hours, 18:30 through 20:30 on weekdays.

The world news and trend are reported on TV and in the papers every day and are easily accessible via Internet today. But, therefore, it becomes more valuable for us to get firsthand information together with its explanation directly from the speaker based on his professional interpretation. The workshop is well reputed every time by audience with comments such as; the world not known before became familiar, arouse my interest, etc.

The committee suggests the theme of the workshop through their free talks. So does the selection of the speaker. In this sense, the committee always pays attention so that we can receive various information from various area around the world through the workshops.

Fortunately we always meet wonderful speakers. Some of the recent speakers among others are; a diplomat and a student in Japan from Kyrgyz Republic having introduced their native country, a Japanese expert of Russia, an Italian woman studying cross-cultural communication, an Indian scholar specialized in religious conflict, a Japanese authority of Japan-U.S. history, a Japanese correspondent having talked about today’s Chinese media, a Japanese woman having cycled through 8 countries in Africa, an ex-school master having challenged JICA senior volunteer in Nepal.

As another activities, the committee is involved in the UNESCO World Terakoya Movement. The movement is to appeal to the importance of opportunity for education for everyone in the world through funds-raising campaigns or PR activities.