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The 3rd Cross-cultural Awareness Workshop 2009 is the "First Food Bank in Japan by Second Havest Japan". Charles McJilton, Founder and Executive Director of Second Harvest Japan, will talk about food banking and its first system in Japan in Japanese.
Date & Time: Thursday, January 28th, 18:30-20:30/ Venue:Minato City Life-long Learning Center/ Admission: free/ Capacity:36 people (Application required)/ For application, please contact MUA, Tel.03-3434-2300(Tue thru Fri, 10:30-17:30, closed on national holidays)
2009-12-2 15:15:21
Ms.Clara Kazama and her partner Ms.Valeska Martins will talk about Brazilian food culture and then teach us how to cook the Brazilian home dishes listed below.
-Shrimp-stuffed pumpkin,
-Garlic rice,
-Brazilian salad,
-Coconut blancmange with prune sauce,
-Brazilian coffee,

Date: January 30th, (Sat), 12:00-15:30,
Place: Minato-city Gender Equality Center,
Capacity: 30 people (application required),
Fee:MUA Members \1,000/ Non-members \1,500.
Applications & Inquiries: Minato UNESCO Association (Tel: 03-3434-2233).
2009-12-2 14:49:52
Mr. Hiroshi Shiojiri, ex-Ambassador of Japan to Libya is invited to talk based on his 39-year experience at MOFA, about Middle Eastern Diplomacy of Japanese Government of the past decades. The workshop is to be held in Japanese.

Date&Time: November 26 (Thu), 18:30-20:30/ Venue: Minato City Life-long Learning Center/ Admission Free/ Capacity: 60people (Application required)/ For application or detailed information, please contact MUA, Tel. 03-3434-2233 (Tue thru Fri, 10:30-17:30, closed on national holidays).
2009-10-15 13:18:52
MUA offers an opportunity for challenging Armenian New Year's dishes this time. The workshop is to be held in Japanese.

Date&Time: November 28 (Sat), 12:00-15:30/ Place: Minato City Gender-free Center (Tamachi)/ Instructor: Ms. M. Nakajima, Small Talk on Armenia and Cooking Practise/ Capacity: 30 people (Application required)/ Fee: 1500yen for MUA members and 2000yen for non-members/ For details, please contact MUA, Tel. 03-3434-2233 (Tuesday thru Friday 10:30-17:30, closed on national holidays).
2009-10-15 12:46:20
"The Future Today's Youth Would Build"

October 6, 2009 (Tue), 18:30~21:00
Minato-Ku Azabu Civic Center, Hall

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"
Paul Gauguin, 1898

Looking back from today's vantage point, in what way older generations of today could say whether their own images of the future have succeeded or failed to materialize.
Realizing that older generations' future has never come, what the younger among the panelists could say of their future, the future they would consciously try to bring about in spite of the anticipated current of the natural environmental and historic force.
All the panelists would discuss some specific human achievements and endeavors that would contribute to building a more desirable and viable human world, through artistic pursuit, scientific discoveries, and philosophical confidence.


Yuki Uchiyama(Traveling Globalist, Guitarist)
Sven Saaler(Professor, Sophia University, EU affairs)
Peter Oblas (Former Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, North American affairs)
Ayumi Umeda(Educator, Joshibi University of Art and Design Museum)


Kimitada Miwa(President, Minato UNESCO Association)

(English-Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation)

Admission: Free
Seating Capacity: 130 people
Inquiry & Application: Minato UNESCO Association, TEL:3434-2300 (Tuesday through Friday, 10:30-17:30, closed on national holidays)

2009-9-14 9:41:04
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