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Secretariat office of Minato UNESCO Assocation will be closed for the New Year holidays from December 29 to January 5.
Your requests or questions during the holidays will be accepted on the first day after the holidays.
2016-12-20 14:49:37
Feb. 28th 2015 Minato UNESCO Association Symposium 
Minato UNESCO Association Symposium 
- Date & Time: February 28, 2015 (Saturday) 14 :00−16:00
- Venue:   Minato Park Shibaura (1F Ribra Hall) 1-16-1 Shibaura, Minato- ku,Tokyo
- Theme "Minato UNESCO Association symposium in fiscal 2014 "Beyond the road to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games toward a mature city"
- Coordinator : Dr.Hiroshi Nagano
- Panelist: Ms. Mamiko Akutagawa, Dr. Yoshio Nakamura, Mr. Masatoshi Yasuda
- Language: Japanese
- Fee: Free
- Capacity: 208 people, application fast come fast serve basis ,
- Inquiry & Application: MUA Tel/Fax 3434-2233 (Tue-Fri) 10:30-17:30,

Being in a position to become a garden city, metropolitan Tokyo has been emphasizing on economic growth during last half century. The process to host 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games gives us a good opportunity to discuss what the traditions of Japanese cities are and to create path to transform to a livable and a mature city. Join us to think what should be paid attentions to rebuild the city through this symposium.
Please refer to the attached flyer.
Please click here for Application and inquiry
2015-2-12 22:56:55

Japanese Buddhist monks who learned Zen in China brought seeds of tea plant and related utensils 500 years ago. Such a tea changed to Tea ceremony in the Japanese soil and climate and by Japanese beauty sense. It has evolved into a refined and contracted Wabi-cha with a variety of development. By experiencing the tea ceremony, you can realize that a big philosophy has been produced from a small tea house, and the present you live in is laid on the accumulated days in the past. Isn’t it wonderful to identify your deeper feelings through the tea ceremony?

2014-12-19 15:30:15

Why don’t you come into another Japanese culture, an art of producing beautiful lines with bold strokes? Your writing becomes an art. Let’s enjoy time of mental concentration.
You can enjoy a short lecture on Japanese calligraphy history, practical demonstration by instructors and a trial of New Year’s calligraphy exercise as well.

2014-11-7 18:31:33

Introduction of Home Nations by foreign students, Panel-talk, Free Interaction with them

2014-9-18 19:34:12
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